Recycled Wine Barrels

These wonderful eco friendly home decor furnitures and accessories are made with recycled 
solid oak wine barrel staves from France.

All the above and many more can be found in Stil Novo Design.


Yellow and Grey

The combination looks very sublime....The colour yellow is so bright that it needs a colour to mellow it down. Grey does it for yellow! And yellow brightens up the otherwise dull gray. So they really compliment each other!
Here are some egs...

All above images from Martha's

via here

The above pics from here 

The combination looks aesthetically so pretty, just love it!!! 



Chair-e-o mate.....for some amazing chair designs.....

Just love this Rattan one!

For the love of Swirl!
Would make a good reading chair...obviously!..You do not need a book shelf!

The chair does the climbing!

Now you can have a seat and eat it as well!...:-)
All pics are from...Chair-e-o mate.