Art for your Couch!

It seems I just can't stop blogging about them.....yes that's right cushions again! Saw these ones....and kept seeing them with popped eyes! :-) This is what they call eye candy I think! These lovely embroidered cushions done by Indian artisans designed by Lovisa Shergill & Mitali Seth of 'Allem Studio'. The design studio is based out of  Marietta, Georgia(Anupu...yes... your neighborhood!;-)).
As they mention, the designs are unique, colourfull, vibrant and happy! Indeed a very good blend of old & new! They also have table linens.Check out their online store here. and their facebook page here. And yes do have a look at their blog.

My favorites are the round ones with camel, horse and ox.


Adding colors to home furnishings

Black Pepper design's new cushion designs do have a global appeal and sure to add glamor to any home! Their Masai collection have Masai portraits adorned with beads of cheerful colours. Though aesthetically they grade very high, I doubt the comfort factor. The " Indian Heritage " collection are equally beautiful! I guess just adding one or two cushions to   accentuate, leaving alone the comfort is ok.  

They can be found here.


Gilt Glass

Gilt glass or ceramics where never my favorites. With the trend for Moroccan and Turkish tea glasses & cups in the market I had to change my mind. Now when I look at these designs I am a total convert!

All are from Eisch.



I am obsessed with this wonderful form of embroidery from Central Asia. In trend for quite some time, the work is every where! Furnitures, bolster pillows, throw pillows(cushions), bed linen, wall hangings, curtains/blinds, bags,shoes....to mention a few. The colours and patterns are so overwhelming! Want to know more about them?...Find it here and here.
Also checkout these on line stores...Usbek Crafts.Yurdan.com., Tessera & Material Recovery.

                                                                       From here

                                                                             From here

These from here

This chair has been given a new look!...From Design Sponge. It's amazing!

Love this ottoman!

Image by Sam Simon Upton

Image from here