Art for your Couch!

It seems I just can't stop blogging about them.....yes that's right cushions again! Saw these ones....and kept seeing them with popped eyes! :-) This is what they call eye candy I think! These lovely embroidered cushions done by Indian artisans designed by Lovisa Shergill & Mitali Seth of 'Allem Studio'. The design studio is based out of  Marietta, Georgia(Anupu...yes... your neighborhood!;-)).
As they mention, the designs are unique, colourfull, vibrant and happy! Indeed a very good blend of old & new! They also have table linens.Check out their online store here. and their facebook page here. And yes do have a look at their blog.

My favorites are the round ones with camel, horse and ox.


  1. Came here from your other blog (http://geetha-paisley.blogspot.com). Great stuff ... I should share this with my brother - they just bought a new house and are looking for decorating ideas ... Your blog seems to be full of them :)

  2. ha ha.. you sound like me now!! cushions again!! I totally love cushions too.. and simply cant get enough.. or say no!! Wish they were slightly cheaper sometimes.. :-)