Wade off the evil with these!

I just happened to see these gorgeous pieces of table top accessories in Swarovski's  table calender yesterday and I was in awe with them!They are by London based designer Sebastian Bergne for Gaia & Gino. The design of these ceramic wonders is obviously the Turkish eye( meant to wade away evil) with black Swarovski crystals forming the core. These crystals give a sparkle to the eye...true beauty! I am sure these can add a luxurious charm to any home( they are pricey.....mind it). Check them out in Boutique1 in Dubai.

      I am sure replicas/copies will follow....Maybe I myself can steel the idea for a project at Cafe Ceramique!;-)


  1. What a different interpretation of the usual nazarbattu!

  2. Oh wow!! thats a gorgeous reform.. I have a little one on the door.. that I picked from turkey!! :-)