Paul Villinski's art depicts his love for motion esp. flying. The usage of caste aways like beer cans, old records etc. to create wonderful master pieces is phenomenal! It can decorate an entire wall/....and give a real character to the space. You should have a look at his work in a room here.

  All the creative people out there....I know ideas have already started taking their spin!


Dhakshini Antiques.

I was searching for a good antique furniture store in Bangalore on facebook when I came across this page. One glance at the photos and you can say "South Indian Antiques"...well...they mention it as well. What was interesting is the remodeling of the antique pieces to suite the modern living....I should visit them during my next trip to Bangalore!

A door converted into coffee table!...fabulous! 

It's a diwan ....what I can notice is the carved wooden planks from old doors!...Good one!

Uruli...more functional!

I must have one of these...always wanted one!

Another interesting piece made of door planks!

   Lovely lamp!
For more on their page...Dhakshini Antiques.


Art Cushions...

Taking the fondness for cushions further......look what I have found! Hand painted cushion covers with ethnic Indian themes 'Royal'& 'Tribal'. The materials used are cotton silk & Khadi. Check them out at Abhilasha's blog .... Mish Mash Designs


Colourfull Kitsch...

Found this colourfull Indian kitsch living space. I think it is very tastefully done!


Bored of your seating space but do not want to spend again to have a new one?... When you can't change the whole sofa/seating, change the cushion covers! As simple as that. There are so many wonderful throw pillows/ cushions & covers available in a wide variety of designs, colours, fabrics patterns etc... you can have a new look as many times you please....Having a neutral upholstery helps. Though the look of coloured seats can also be enhanced by choosing the right combination of cushions. Whatever the the seating type or colour may be these cushions can pop the looks instantly! 
Here are some Indian ones....

Popart cushion covers from Pop goes the Art.

Ah...ah...look at these ones all Hindi gaalis & A to Z bewada style!...Be Happily Unmarried to have these at home....:-)

This one is  block printed from Saffron Marigold.

These are from Kye...means hand....in other words hand made.

Bollywood cushions & Rice Bag cushions from Urban Barn.

Colourfull kitsch cushions from Loose Ends.

Can get them in Good Earth.



Bathroom or Shrine???

Look at this bathroom!!!....My!!! who will want to use a bathroom like this?...The bathroom feels so serene, yes thats what we all want to feel but not like this.....This would be more appropriate for a spa or something like that! Wounder what the designer had in mind when designed this. No I am not criticising his work which is impressive no doubt but hey..who wants a shrine in front of you when you are in your morning duties!!! LOL.




For the people like me who hate those boring aquariums from the pet shops....check these out and you'll not think so any more!

i pod tank

Infinity tank

Bathtub Aquarium 

Bathroom sink Aquarium....WOW!

Now now you can keep watching your fishes!......Check out some wonderful fish tank interiors here!

This is from here

Got these from here

Bulb fish tank...over here

.Love these coffee table tanks from here

Labyrinth Aquarium

Spacearium....used as room dividers.

Hope this does not work.....not interested in fish juice..