Dhakshini Antiques.

I was searching for a good antique furniture store in Bangalore on facebook when I came across this page. One glance at the photos and you can say "South Indian Antiques"...well...they mention it as well. What was interesting is the remodeling of the antique pieces to suite the modern living....I should visit them during my next trip to Bangalore!

A door converted into coffee table!...fabulous! 

It's a diwan ....what I can notice is the carved wooden planks from old doors!...Good one!

Uruli...more functional!

I must have one of these...always wanted one!

Another interesting piece made of door planks!

   Lovely lamp!
For more on their page...Dhakshini Antiques.


  1. oh wow.. wow!! thats awesome.. I like the urli.. and the diwaan!!

  2. Such a find! Love those doors converted to coffee table and diwan! and the urli idea!