Bored of your seating space but do not want to spend again to have a new one?... When you can't change the whole sofa/seating, change the cushion covers! As simple as that. There are so many wonderful throw pillows/ cushions & covers available in a wide variety of designs, colours, fabrics patterns etc... you can have a new look as many times you please....Having a neutral upholstery helps. Though the look of coloured seats can also be enhanced by choosing the right combination of cushions. Whatever the the seating type or colour may be these cushions can pop the looks instantly! 
Here are some Indian ones....

Popart cushion covers from Pop goes the Art.

Ah...ah...look at these ones all Hindi gaalis & A to Z bewada style!...Be Happily Unmarried to have these at home....:-)

This one is  block printed from Saffron Marigold.

These are from Kye...means hand....in other words hand made.

Bollywood cushions & Rice Bag cushions from Urban Barn.

Colourfull kitsch cushions from Loose Ends.

Can get them in Good Earth.


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