Adding colors to home furnishings

Black Pepper design's new cushion designs do have a global appeal and sure to add glamor to any home! Their Masai collection have Masai portraits adorned with beads of cheerful colours. Though aesthetically they grade very high, I doubt the comfort factor. The " Indian Heritage " collection are equally beautiful! I guess just adding one or two cushions to   accentuate, leaving alone the comfort is ok.  

They can be found here.


  1. I spent whole of last evening oohing and aahing over these at Exclusively, and just when I wasn't getting enough of it, see this post too. Lovely! :-)
    Particularly in love with the Indian woman with the maroon veil. *Ooohs and aahs again*

  2. these are simply stunning!! wow!! wow!! Me too.. I like the woman with the veil... so pretty!! Such a bundle of talent out there!!