Google office in London

The new office of the internet search engine giant has been done by interior designing firm Scott Brownrigg. You can see the giant logo of Google in th lobby with the two Os forming the doorway! The 40,000 sq.ft. area office took about 16 weeks to complete. The office is meant to accommodated 300 staff members and houses amenities like gym,spa center and restaurant.The colorful interiors look very dynamic indeed!
Note: I have changed the way I spell colour.;-) 

The giant logo

Doorways through the Os!

Beach huts function as meeting rooms!

The big dice are individual video conferencing rooms.

 The traditional red telephone booth are individual work spaces!

Restaurants & relaxing spaces for the employees 

Photos from Dezeen


  1. i was drooling over google's office too...dezeen's site i guess. :)

  2. You bet....! The office is very cheerful, informal etc....just love it!