Breakfast at Shakespeare & Co.

Saturday mornings are for trying out breakfast around the Jumairah area ....while the little one is in her dance class. This time it was at Shakespeare & Co. at the Village Mall. Luckily I had my point & shoot.
The place(though not my taste) has a very Cozy, old time shabbily chic Victorian  ambiance.Pastels and brights, frills, gilts, floral, laces, cameos, velvet, wrought iron, wicker......all give it a look of a cottage eatery or a patisserie from the Victorian Era. Let's  have a look at how they managed to get 'the look' here in Dubai.

The panels, lamps and the jars give the look in the patisserie 

The display of chocolates. Gilded brackets and stands are shabbily touched with paint to acquire the look. 

Ceiling adorned with golden picture frames washed with paint & some hanging lamps/chandeliers . 

Torn Victorian pictures of people stuck to one of the walls.

Victorian patterns upon walls & furniture.

This is a gilded sculpture which has been shabbily painted to give the desired look. You can see the gold peeping out at places.  

The furniture & furnishing depicting the era.
Apart from these, the outdoor seating is mainly wicker, wrought iron and endless striped & floral frills.


  1. What a grand place !! Nice post, Geetha :)

  2. Oh lovely.. lovely... Gorgeous pics!! I find Shakespeare rather creepy... But that's just me... :-)

    Saying that.. the cakes are awesome.. there!!

  3. wow.. That's a very interesting place.. Everything looks like it has just jumped out of the old books..!! Nice decor .. very apt to the theme!!

  4. I like some of their food, but I too find it a bit creepy! Lol, patricia....as if we didn't have so much to talk about already!

    Since it's one of the few places that stays open during Ramadan....that's when we usually go there.

  5. What grand decor !!! Glad to stumble on your lovely blog.

    Sumana @ Colors in my mind

  6. Lovely place.....looks like a palace. Love everything vintage. Nice post